Platform Design | David Cuartielles defends his doctoral thesis

On October 18 at 13:15–15:00, IOTAP’s David Cuartielles defends his doctoral thesis entitled Platform Design: Creating Meaningful Toolboxes When People Meet. » Download the thesis (see abstract at the bottom of this post) Location: Gäddan G8:125, Citadellsvägen 7, Malmö The event is open to the public. Opponent: Teemu Leinonen, Associate Professor in New Media and Design, Aalto University * * * The Arduino exhibition You should also take the opportunity to experience the Arduino exhibition, which revisits some of the projects presented in Cuartielles’ dissertation. With photographs and reflections, it explores a 15 year long timeline made of hardware prototypes, products,[…] Continue reading

Weak risk awareness of our connected homes

In a new licentiate thesis about the connected home’s risks and challenges, Joseph Bugeja asks for increased consumer awareness and greater responsibility among manufacturers. Music systems, surveillance cameras, phones, computers, refrigerators and fitness apps. Our homes are increasingly being equipped with gadgets that are connected to the internet. The consumer’s knowledge about the possible risks this entails is, however, not enough. The same goes for the quality of the connected devices. This is what Joseph Bugeja argues in the licentiate thesis Smart Connected Homes: Concepts, Risks and Challenges, in which he describes the “smart home” ecosystem and its features. In[…] Continue reading

Sergei Dytckov | New PhD student at IOTAP

Coming closer a future where machines help to improve quality of life across all possible aspects is the main research challenge that engages Sergei Dytckov, PhD student at Internet of Things and People, Malmö University. At IOTAP, Sergei will focus on research related to simulation and optimization of on-demand transport. Sergei, what is your research interest? I have quite a wide profile of interest. I would characterize my research interest as smart robotics meaning intelligent devices that may autonomously operate in a complex ever-changing environment. It is a combination of multiple fields: Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Computer Hardware. Continue reading

Celebrate Malmö University

Come and celebrate that Malmö University is now a full university, on Friday, August 31. Among a lot of interesting happenings, there will be a seminar including an IOTAP program at 15–17 in the Niagara building. For more information, see the article Vad är nyttan av forskning? Universitetet som aktiv samhällspartner. Continue reading

Integrating ‘Things’ into Pervasive Computing: Research Challenges and Issues | IOTAP Keynote

On September 4, Dr. Mohan Kumar gave the lecture Integrating ‘Things’ into Pervasive Computing: Research Challenges and Issues. View Mohan Kumar’s lecture in the video player embedded above, or on YouTube. Tuesday September 4 at 15:15–17 NI:A0513 (floor 5), Niagara, Malmö University Everyone is welcome! ABSTRACT | Pervasive computing and communication resources in a given environment have been utilized to facilitate the deployment of applications, with a goal to improve quality of lives of people, for almost 20 years. In the future, sustaining natural resources, improving environmental quality, public health and sustainable communities will be focus areas. In this context, it[…] Continue reading

Smart Connected Homes | Joseph Bugeja defends his licentiate thesis

On September 3 at 15:15–16:30, IOTAP’s Joseph Bugeja defends his licentiate thesis entitled Smart Connected Homes: Concepts, Risks, and Challenges. » Download the comprehensive summary of this licentiate thesis Location: Storm, Gäddan, Citadellsvägen 7, Malmö The event is open to the public. Professor Mohan Kumar at Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, is the opponent. ABSTRACT | The growth and presence of heterogeneous connected devices inside the home have the potential to provide increased efficiency and quality of life to the residents. Simultaneously, these devices tend to be Internet-connected and continuously monitor, collect, and transmit data about the residents and their daily[…] Continue reading

Arezoo Sarkheyli-Hägele | New researcher at IOTAP

How technology can change humans’ experiences and perceptions is the main research challenge that engages Arezoo Sarkheyli-Hägele, assistant professor in Computer Science, Internet of Things and People, Malmö University. At IOTAP, Arezoo will focus on research related to situation recognition in dynamic environments (including people) such as smart offices or smart homes. Arezoo, what is your research interest? I am enjoying working on cognitive and intelligent systems to generate assistance systems for human users. This makes it possible to advance our situation awareness, improve our perception of the environment, and deal with inability like limited human skills or experiences. The[…] Continue reading

IOTAP positively evaluated

The IOTAP Research center was evaluated by external reviewers during spring 2018. The result from the reviewers showed that the research center received the rating Excellent or Very Good for the clear majority of the criteria that were evaluated. The reviewers’ concluded that “continued operations are recommended”. Following that, the vice-chancellor of Malmö University decided to grant the research center IOTAP for five more years. Moreover, the seven-year project IOTAP Research Profile has been half-time evaluated by the Knowledge Foundation during spring 2018. The Knowledge Foundation states that “… the research profile ‘Internet of Things and People’ is very well[…] Continue reading

Majid Ashouri | New IOTAP PhD Student

Majid Ashouri is new PhD student at Computer Science and Media Technology department at Malmö University and is also a member of the IOTAP research center working on the project entitled “Cloud vs. Edge Computing for IoT Applications”. Majid obtained his M.Sc. degree in Information Technology (Computer Networks) from Sharif University of Technology, Iran. He also has professional experience working in research and industrial projects regarding Vehicular Networks and Optical Transport Networks. Majid, which are your research interests? My research interests are broadly in the area of Distributed Systems, and IoT related problems particularly in Edge Computing, Vehicular Networks, and[…] Continue reading

Internet of Things – the next digital revolution

There is little doubt that the internet has changed the world. The next step in the revolution is that our things are connected with each other. In a couple of years, it’s expected that 100 billion devices will be connected to the internet, which can affect humanity more than the internet itself, says Paul Davidsson. His research team looks at the link between technology and human and how new technologies affect our behavior. In the latest episode of the interview series Fjärde uppgiften, Paul Davidsson, director of the Internet of Things and People research center, is interviewed. In the interview[…] Continue reading