Workshop invitation | The Future of Transports: Opportunities and Challenges using IoT

Transports in the future will most certainly make use of the Internet of Things (IoT) to realize new services and products. For instance, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), shared mobility, self-driving/autonomous vehicles, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, are already starting to reshape the transportation system. We invite you – as policymaker, researcher or technology developer – who have ideas about, experience of, or interest in how IoT technology can support and advance the development of future transport systems. Together, we will be visionaries about the future of smart transport, identifying new and interesting research opportunities. We will discuss what transport scenarios can be[…] Continue reading

IOTAP Open Event | January 16

The Internet of Things (IoT) changes how we live and learn, how we move around in the city and how we stay healthy. Welcome to this open event where you’ll learn more about designing future IoT services and technology. When: January 16 (2018) at 13:00–16:00 Where: Niagara, level 5, Malmö University (Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Malmö). Sign up here! Program We are now halfway into the seven year IOTAP research profile project and it is time to sum up and discuss the results achieved so far. 13:00–13:15 Introduction to the IOTAP research profile (Paul Davidsson) 13:15–15:00 Discussion of the results so far[…] Continue reading

Lars Holmberg | New IOTAP PhD student

Malmö University has a strong tradition of research within the areas of computer science and interaction design. One of those who thinks it’s an important research area is PhD student Lars Holmberg at IOTAP. In his PhD project he will focus on the interaction between human users and systems based on artificial intelligence. Lars, which are your research interests? During my career as a computer scientist, a main focus has been the interaction between humans and technology. “Interaction between humans and technology”, can you explain a bit further what you mean with that? I have mostly been interested in converting[…] Continue reading

Agnes Tegen | New IOTAP PhD student

The IOTAP research center at Malmö University has a tradition of working interdisciplinary and involving researchers from different backgrounds and expertise. This is one of the reasons why PhD student Agnes Tegen decided to start as a PhD student at IOTAP. In her PhD project she will bring a user experience perspective and explore ways to design intelligent IoT systems. Agnes, which are your research interests? My main research interests related to Internet of Things and People are about embedded intelligence, distributed artificial intelligence, sensor-intensive systems and machine learning. I’m also interested in the users’ perspective of technological solutions and I’m[…] Continue reading