Weak risk awareness of our connected homes

In a new licentiate thesis about the connected home’s risks and challenges, Joseph Bugeja asks for increased consumer awareness and greater responsibility among manufacturers.

Music systems, surveillance cameras, phones, computers, refrigerators and fitness apps. Our homes are increasingly being equipped with gadgets that are connected to the internet. The consumer’s knowledge about the possible risks this entails is, however, not enough. The same goes for the quality of the connected devices. This is what Joseph Bugeja argues in the licentiate thesis Smart Connected Homes: Concepts, Risks and Challenges, in which he describes the “smart home” ecosystem and its features. […] Continue reading

Integrating ‘Things’ into Pervasive Computing: Research Challenges and Issues | IOTAP Keynote

On September 4, Dr. Mohan Kumar gave the lecture Integrating ‘Things’ into Pervasive Computing: Research Challenges and Issues.

View Mohan Kumar’s lecture in the video player embedded above, or on YouTube.

Tuesday September 4 at 15:15–17
NI:A0513 (floor 5), Niagara, Malmö University
Everyone is welcome!

ABSTRACT | Pervasive computing and communication resources in a given environment have been utilized to facilitate the deployment of applications, with a goal to improve quality of lives of people, for almost 20 years. In the future, sustaining natural resources, improving environmental quality, public health and sustainable communities will […] Continue reading

Smart Connected Homes | Joseph Bugeja defends his licentiate thesis

On September 3 at 15:15–16:30, IOTAP’s Joseph Bugeja defends his licentiate thesis entitled Smart Connected Homes: Concepts, Risks, and Challenges.

» Download the comprehensive summary of this licentiate thesis

Location: Storm, Gäddan, Citadellsvägen 7, Malmö

The event is open to the public.

Professor Mohan Kumar at Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, is the opponent.

ABSTRACT | The growth and presence of heterogeneous connected devices inside the home have the potential to provide increased efficiency and quality of life to the residents. Simultaneously, these devices tend to be Internet-connected and continuously monitor, collect, and transmit data about the residents […] Continue reading

Three Postdoc Positions in IoT

Three postdoc positions in Computer Science with focus on Internet of Things have been announced. The positions mainly concern software architecture, information security and privacy, and machine learning.

Last date for applications is 24 June 2018.

» Software Architecture for the Internet of Things (REK 2.2.1-2018/124)

» Information Security and Privacy for the Internet of Things (REK 2.2.1-2018/125)

» Machine Learning for the Internet of Things (REK 2.2.1-2018/126)

The positions are part of the Internet of Things and People (IOTAP) research profile, a seven-year project which is a collaboration between the IOTAP research center at Malmö […] Continue reading

Data-Driven Systems: New graduate school strengthens cooperation between industry and Malmö University

The industrial graduate school Data-Driven Systems is awarded about SEK 11 million by the Knowledge Foundation. The aim is to increase the research competence in the companies that are involved, but also to strengthen cooperation between academia and industry.

“Rather than doing traditional contract research, this is about co-production in that academia and industry together create new knowledge,” says Paul Davidsson, professor of computer science and director of the Internet of Things and People research center at Malmö University.

Work and studies in parallel

The graduate school has an overall budget of about SEK 30 million, it runs for three […] Continue reading

Workshop invitation | A Smart Health Check Up: Current State and Potential Futures

The healthcare of the future is heavily dependent on digital and connected technologies. How will this impact care providers, practitioners, and patients? We invite you – as policymaker, healthcare practitioner, patient, researcher or technology developer – who have ideas or experience in how technology can support and advance healthcare. Together, we will do a health check up on the current state and the futures of smart health, identifying new and interesting research opportunities.

December 1 at 9–12 Continue reading

Making IoT data actionable

IoT devices create and deliver massive amounts of data that humans are ill-equipped to deal with. What is needed is highly contextualized and personalized information. DocFactory IoT is a platform that makes the data from IoT devices actionable. Continue reading

Seminar invitation: Visions for Swedish Smart Cities

This is an invitation to participate in a seminar on smart cities. The seminar will focus on how Internet of Things-based technologies can play a role in sustainable urban development. The seminar starts with presentations by representatives from Digital Malmö and from the regional industry. The presentations are followed by discussions. Continue reading

Share data for the common good

The Citizen Science application from Sony Mobile enables the users to contribute to research projects, allowing them to act as remote sensors for all types of data as they go through their daily life. Together with researchers, users can share their data by participating in projects together with scientists and industry that can improve society. Continue reading