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» Publication Venues
» Double affiliation and acknowledgements for papers/articles
» Email – distribution lists
» Reference/link rot (how to avoid)

Publication Venues

» See IOTAP Publication Venues on Box (you need to be logged in)
» See also Think, Check, Submit – a website that helps researchers identify trusted journals for their research

The overall publication strategy document will be added shortly.

Double affiliation and acknowledgements for papers/articles

Researchers affiliated with IOTAP must use double affiliation for publications that are connected to the research center. It should look something like this:

Jane Doe (1, 2)
1. Department of Computer Science, Malmö University, Sweden
2. Internet of Things and People Research Center, Malmö University, Sweden

If a publication is related to the KKS research profile, this should be mentioned in the Acknowledgements section, e.g. like this:

This work was partially financed by the Knowledge Foundation through the Internet of Things and People research profile.

You may also mention the companies/organizations that have been involved in the work, e.g.: ”we thank X for contributing with …”

However, check with the company representatives before publishing so that they think it’s OK! In the case that a person at a company has made a significant contribution to the research results, you should consider the possibility of that person being a co-author.

If a publication is connected to the research center IOTAP, this option should be selected when submitting it to MUEP.

Email – distribution lists

Use to send emails to all IOTAP affiliated staff.

Reference/link rot (how to avoid)

A very high percentage of scholarly articles that link to URIs suffer from reference rot, i.e., that outbound links no longer work or are inaccurate. To avoid this, first save the link to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine and then link to the archived version. Also consider the advice about including the URI of the original resource and the date-time of linking.

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