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    » IOTAP’s website has been moved and is now located on mau.se/iotap.

    » Some content temporarily remains on the old website such as project descriptions, conference programmes and the news archive. See links to these pages.


The IOTAP lab is a creative environment for research and development of IoT-based infrastructure and user interfaces. We are located on floor 5 in Niagara. Get in touch!

Experimentation with sensors is part of many research activities in the IOTAP lab.

Apart from exploring state-of-the-art technology in these areas, the lab also exhibits and demonstrates prototypes originating from ongoing IOTAP projects. As such, the IOTAP lab is a physical contact point for facilitating ongoing and emerging collaborations between existing and future IOTAP partners, researchers, and students.

The lab is a knowledge hub and network of people with extensive knowledge in prototyping IoT-based systems using state-of-the-art development platforms. The lab brings together experts from technology and design to help realize research and development.

The IOTAP lab is located on floor 5 in the Niagara building, Malmö University.

What can the lab be used for?

The lab can be used for rapid development of interactive and embedded IoT systems. The lab is created to provide a suitable environment for demonstrating new concepts and prototypes.

Who is it for?

The lab is open to our researchers, students working in IOTAP-related projects, and to the various IOTAP partners, both commercial and academic.

Do you want to spend time in the lab? We provide access to the lab depending on relevance to the IOTAP research center and on currently available space.

What kind of equipment is there?

The lab offers a variety of equipment for IoT prototyping and rapid development including cloud deployment with support for virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR). We also offer a physical space for your project to happen in.

Prototyping and rapid development
We have a strong focus on the Arduino platform with a large selection of diverse shields to extend the projects’ connectivity. Additionally, we work with Raspberry Pi and other microcontroller boards. We offer a wide variety of sensors and actuators for both platforms that include off-the-shelf products like Philips Hue kits and commercial products from our partners. We also offer 3D printing capabilities. For exploring interaction and visualization, we work with different gesture, haptic, voice, VR, and AR platforms to extend data beyond the 2D screen.

The I in IOTAP stands for Internet. An IoT lab wouldn’t be an IoT lab without the possibility to connect your projects to the Internet. We offer a dedicated network for all things IoT, wireless as well as wired. We also offer several ways of connecting your projects through e.g. Zigbee, WiFi, GPRS, as well as more passive technologies such as Bluetooth beacons and NFC/RFID.

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Last but not least, the lab offers physical spaces. We have four workspaces, a building space, and a lounge that doubles as a smart home lab environment.

What kind of help can I get?

The lab offers help with most aspects of prototype development. We can get you started with designing your IoT artefact and we are happy to help in choosing and getting up to speed with a relevant development platform, e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Hololens. Our network of competencies includes people experienced in:

  • Interaction design and technology
  • Sensor network architecture
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Connectivity
  • Rapid prototyping with digital fabrication


Contact lab coordinators Daniel Spikol or Johan Holmberg.

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