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Talks: Merging IoT & Cloud & Everything in Between

As part of the IOTAP project ‘Unlocking User Value in IoT’ (UseIT), we are happy to invite you to a keynote presentation with Johan Eker from Ericsson Research Cloud Technology in Lund. This talk presents the Calvin IoT framework and discusses new application domains for cellular technology such as mission critical automation and smart cities.

View Eker’s presentation in the player embedded below (or on YouTube)

May 9 at 10.15–12.00
NI:C0626, Niagara, Malmö University
Everyone is welcome!

After great talks by Enevo and Tetra Pak, we are happy to invite you to the third keynote presentation in a workshop series that we arrange as part of the UseIT project:

“Merging IoT & Cloud & Everything In Between”
Cloud technology has swiftly transformed the ICT industry and it is continuing to spread into automation and the factory floor. With 5G just around the corner we can soon expect shorter latencies and higher bandwidths at lower costs. In addition 5G will also drive virtualization of the telecom infrastructure practically making all kinds of nodes from the devices to the cloud server programmable. The possibility to host computations close to a base station, a so-called edge cloud, allows for both extremely low latency and the possibility to perform sensor fusions and reduce back bone bandwidth requirements. A combined IoT & cloud application goes beyond the traditional client-server architecture and requires a much more elaborate structure.

This talk presents the Calvin IoT framework and discusses new application domains for cellular technology such as mission critical automation and smart cities. How should we program, deploy and manage complex IoT applications that execute across a heterogenous hardware platform consisting of IoT devices, network components and cloud servers?

Johan Eker is a Principal Researcher at Ericsson Research Cloud Technology in Lund, Sweden. He received his Ph.D. in automatic control from Lund University in 1999 and did a post doc with the Ptolemy group at UC Berkeley. Since 2013 he is an adjoint professor in Automatic Control at Lund University. His research interests range from programming language design for parallel hardware, real-time control systems, mobile communications, software design for mobile devices, adaptive resource management, IoT and cloud technology. He is the co-designer of the CAL Actor Language, which is part of the MPEG standard ISO/IEC 23001-4:2011. He holds 46 patents in the areas of telecom, IoT and cloud computing. He is participating in a range of program committees on topics such as real-systems, signal processing, software development and cloud technology. He acted as the coordinator of the European FP-7 research project ACTORS and represented Ericsson in the HiPEAC NoE. Current focus is on cloud technology and IoT.

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