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Nordic Internet of Things Hackathon 2015

NORDIC-IOT-HACK-LOGORegistration for the Nordic Internet of Things Hackathon 2015 is now open. The theme of the event is creative ways of using the Minimum Viable Device, which is a ’smart’ gateway for physical devices to access the cloud.

Two strands of ’smart’ will explored: Smart Home and Smart Transport. Eon invites you to explore new ways to interact with homes to make daily life smarter, and solutions how to consume less energy. In this strand the Elis platform developed by IOTAP will be used to facilitate solutions. Skånetrafiken invites you to explore issues such as ticketing and payments, traffic information, and ’smart’ services in connection with travel.

The Nordic Internet of Things Hackathon 2015 is hosted by Mobile Heights. IOTAP is supporting the organisation of the event and will be represented in the jury.

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