Integrating ‘Things’ into Pervasive Computing: Research Challenges and Issues | IOTAP Keynote on Sep 4

On September 4, Dr. Mohan Kumar will give the lecture Integrating ‘Things’ into Pervasive Computing: Research Challenges and Issues.

Tuesday September 4 at 15:15–17
NI:A0513 (floor 5), Niagara, Malmö University
Everyone is welcome!

ABSTRACT | Pervasive computing and communication resources in a given environment have been utilized to facilitate the deployment of applications, with a goal to improve quality of lives of people, for almost 20 years. In the future, sustaining natural resources, improving environmental quality, public health and sustainable communities will be focus areas. In this context, it will be imperative to incorporate pervasive […] Continue reading

Talks: Merging IoT & Cloud & Everything in Between

As part of the IOTAP project ‘Unlocking User Value in IoT’ (UseIT), we are happy to invite you to a keynote presentation with Johan Eker from Ericsson Research Cloud Technology in Lund. This talk presents the Calvin IoT framework and discusses new application domains for cellular technology such as mission critical automation and smart cities. Continue reading