Sergei Dytckov | New PhD student at IOTAP

Coming closer a future where machines help to improve quality of life across all possible aspects is the main research challenge that engages Sergei Dytckov, PhD student at Internet of Things and People, Malmö University. At IOTAP, Sergei will focus on research related to simulation and optimization of on-demand transport. Sergei, what is your research interest? I have quite a wide profile of interest. I would characterize my research interest as smart robotics meaning intelligent devices that may autonomously operate in a complex ever-changing environment. It is a combination of multiple fields: Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Computer Hardware. Continue reading

Arezoo Sarkheyli-Hägele | New researcher at IOTAP

How technology can change humans’ experiences and perceptions is the main research challenge that engages Arezoo Sarkheyli-Hägele, assistant professor in Computer Science, Internet of Things and People, Malmö University. At IOTAP, Arezoo will focus on research related to situation recognition in dynamic environments (including people) such as smart offices or smart homes. Arezoo, what is your research interest? I am enjoying working on cognitive and intelligent systems to generate assistance systems for human users. This makes it possible to advance our situation awareness, improve our perception of the environment, and deal with inability like limited human skills or experiences. The[…] Continue reading

Majid Ashouri | New IOTAP PhD Student

Majid Ashouri is new PhD student at Computer Science and Media Technology department at Malmö University and is also a member of the IOTAP research center working on the project entitled “Cloud vs. Edge Computing for IoT Applications”. Majid obtained his M.Sc. degree in Information Technology (Computer Networks) from Sharif University of Technology, Iran. He also has professional experience working in research and industrial projects regarding Vehicular Networks and Optical Transport Networks. Majid, which are your research interests? My research interests are broadly in the area of Distributed Systems, and IoT related problems particularly in Edge Computing, Vehicular Networks, and[…] Continue reading

Blerim Emruli | New IOTAP Postdoc

The challenge of making sense of big data. That is one of the research challenges that engages Blerim Emruli, postdoc in computer science, Malmö University. At IOTAP, Emruli will focus on understanding how to explore and model the data but also investigate the flexibility and adaptability of the delivered solutions. Blerim, which are your research interests? My research interest is in the field of artificial intelligence that is a prominent branch of computer science, which enables devices, computers and machines to unleash intelligent behaviour. Continue reading

Lars Holmberg | New IOTAP PhD student

Malmö University has a strong tradition of research within the areas of computer science and interaction design. One of those who thinks it’s an important research area is PhD student Lars Holmberg at IOTAP. In his PhD project he will focus on the interaction between human users and systems based on artificial intelligence. Lars, which are your research interests? During my career as a computer scientist, a main focus has been the interaction between humans and technology. “Interaction between humans and technology”, can you explain a bit further what you mean with that? I have mostly been interested in converting[…] Continue reading

Agnes Tegen | New IOTAP PhD student

The IOTAP research center at Malmö University has a tradition of working interdisciplinary and involving researchers from different backgrounds and expertise. This is one of the reasons why PhD student Agnes Tegen decided to start as a PhD student at IOTAP. In her PhD project she will bring a user experience perspective and explore ways to design intelligent IoT systems. Agnes, which are your research interests? My main research interests related to Internet of Things and People are about embedded intelligence, distributed artificial intelligence, sensor-intensive systems and machine learning. I’m also interested in the users’ perspective of technological solutions and I’m[…] Continue reading

Shahram Jalaliniya wants to create new possibilities using technology

While some people are still amazed that we can carry a computer in our pocket, Shahram Jalaliniya is looking for the next step in wearable technology. As a postdoc researcher at the Internet of Things and People research center, he wants to find new ways for us to work with computers, and for computers to work with us. “My research explores eye-based interaction with smart objects, a totally different design space from the classical human-computer interaction.” Let your eyes do the talking During his recent PhD studies at IT University of Copenhagen, Shahram designed a wearable system for surgeons in hospital[…] Continue reading

Security and privacy in IoT—New post-doc at IOTAP

Ahmed Elmesiry recently started his post-doc at IOTAP and he will focus on privacy and security within Internet of Things applications, such as smart homes. Ahmed, what is your research interest? My research interests lie at the intersection of three main areas: machine learning, applied cryptography, and distributed systems. My work has broadly combined principles of the design, analysis, and implementation of security and privacy for real-world systems and future services. Over the past years, my interests have evolved to include topics in intrusion detection systems, secure e-payment systems, secure mobile agent systems, pervasive computing, and privacy enhancing technologies in a[…] Continue reading