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This is a record of activities of the IOTAP center and the center’s researchers; for example, participation in seminars, grant approvals, PhD defences, awards, and public presentations. Academic conference presentations are not included here, see Publications.


Mar 11-15. IOTAP’s Andreas Jacobsson is the co-chair of the 3rd International Workshop on Pervasive Smart Living Spaces (PerLS ’19) held in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communication, Kyopto, Japan. 


Sep 3. IOTAP’s Joseph Bugeja defends his licentiate thesis Smart Connected Homes: Concepts, Risks, and Challenges.

July 13–14. IOTAP’s director Paul Davidsson is the co-chair of the 19th International Workshop on Multi-Agent-Based Simulation (MABS 2018), Stockholm, Sweden.

Apr 30. IOTAP’s Romina Spalazzese is the co-chair of the workshops at the 2nd International Workshop on Engineering IoT Systems: Architectures, Services, Applications, and Platforms (IoT-ASAP 2018) which is held in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA 2018), Seattle, USA.

Mar 19–23. IOTAP’s Andreas Jacobsson is the co-chair of the 2nd International Workshop on Pervasive Smart Living Spaces (PerLS ’18) held in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communication, Athens, Greece.

Feb 1. Seminar: The Future of Transports: Opportunities and Challenges using IoT, view original invitation to the event.

Jan 16. IOTAP research profile meeting (all researchers and consortium partners).


Dec 1. Seminar: A Smart Health Check Up: Current State and Potential Futures, view original invitation to the event.

Nov 8. IOTAP’s Shahram Jalaliniya gives the lecture “A body and mind centric approach to wearable personal assistants” at a Women Techmakers event, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sep 18–20. IOTAP’s Jeanette Eriksson and Nancy L. Russo are the co-chairs of the Universal Design for IOT Smart Health (UDISH) held in conjunction with ICTH 2017, Lund, Sweden.

Sep–Dec. Javier Marin, PhD student at Zaragoza University, Spain is visiting IOTAP.

Sep 28–Oct 5. Associate Professor Reza Malekian, Head of research group advanced sensor networks, University of Pretoria, South Africa, is visiting IOTAP.

Sep. Martina De Sanctis, PhD student at University of Trento, Italy, is visiting IOTAP.

Aug 23. IOTAP’s Sara Leckner gives the lecture “Digitala fotspår: svenskarnas attityd till kommersiell användning av beteendedata” at En akademisk kvart.

Jun 21–23. IOTAP’s director is the co-chair of the 15th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (PAAMS ’17), Porto, Portugal.

Jun 21–23. IOTAP’s Jan A. Persson is the co-chair of 1st International Workshop on The Application of Agents to Passenger Transport (TAAPT) held in conjunction with PAAMS ’17, Porto, Portugal.

June 8. IOTAP research profile meeting (all researchers and consortium partners).

May 29. Seminar: Visions for Swedish Smart Cities, view original invitation to the event.

May. PhD student Agnes Tegen (computer science) starts.

May. PhD student Lars Holmberg (computer science) starts.

Apr 19. IOTAP’s Thomas Pederson gives the lecture “Kroppsburna datorsystem som talar med vårt omedvetna och manipulerar oss i vardagen” at En akademisk kvart.

Apr 3–7. IOTAP’s Romina Spalazzese is the co-chair of the International Workshop on Engineering IoT Systems: Architectures, Services, Applications, and Platforms (IoT-ASAP) co-located with ICSA 2017.

Mar 17. The IOTAP brochure summarizing 2016 is published.

Mar 13–17. IOTAP’s Andreas Jacobsson is the co-chair of the 1st International Workshop on Pervasive Smart Living Spaces (PerLS ’17) held in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communication, Hawaii, USA.


Nov 30. Two open PhD positions in computer science are announced.

Nov 17. Bo Peterson presents “Internet of Things – possibilities and challenges” at open event at Elon Kökspunkten, Ängelholm.

Nov 15. The IOTAP lab is opened.

Nov 15. IOTAP Open Event, view event invitation and the wrap-up.

Nov 3. IOTAP researcher Thomas Pederson is featured in the article Ny lektor i datavetenskap med intresse för Internet of Things and People.

Oct. 20. The Smart Public Environments project starts.

Oct 11. Shahram Jalaliniya defends his thesis “A Body-and-mind Centric Approach to Wearable Personal Assistants” at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Sep 30. Keynote presentation by Mohammad Ali, “Self-driving cars development at Volvo Cars.”

Sep 14. Call for Malmö University researchers to apply for seed funding to develop IoT project ideas is announced.

Sep 13. IOTAP’s Shahram Jalaliniya is the co-chair of the 6th International Workshop on Pervasive Eye Tracking and Mobile Eye-Based Interaction (PETMEI) held in conjunction with the 2016 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, Heidelberg, Germany.

Sep 12–16. IOTAP’s Carl Magnus Olsson is the co-chair of the UbiComp ’16 workshop “Designing, Developing, and Evaluating the Internet of Personal Health.”

Sep 7–8. Internet of Things Conference, Lund, Sweden, where IOTAP is a partner.

Jun 2–3. The 29th annual workshop of the Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society (SAIS), co-organized by IOTAP. SAIS 2016 proceedings are published by Linköping University Electronic Press.

Jun. Hack Week organized by the Data Innovation Arena project; read “Hack Week: Students solve real-world problems.”

Jun. Postdoc Shahram Jalaliniya (computer science) starts.

Jun. PhD student Fahed Alkhabbas (computer science) starts.

May 18. Medea Vox podcast episode “Feeling at Home With Internet of Things” is published, featuring IOTAP researchers Clint Heyer, Anuradha Reddy and David Cuartielles.

May 16. Docent lecture by Andreas Jacobsson, “Threats and Betrayal on the Internet” (transcript and video).

May 9. Keynote presentation by Johan Eker, “Merging IoT & Cloud & Everything in Between.”

May. Postdoc Dimitrios Gkouskos (interaction design) starts.

Apr 28. Paul Davidsson presents “Digitaliseringen av livsmedelskedjan” at the symposium “Smartare Livsmedel 3.0 – nya tekniker, nya möjligheter“, hosted by Livsmedelskollegiet.

Apr 22. IOTAP research profile meeting (all researchers and consortium partners), including the keynote presentation “Smart Health & IoT” given by guest professor Nancy Russo.

Mar 22. Keynote presentation by Mats Melander, “Digital Data and Equipment Performance at Tetra Pak.”

Feb 2. Radu-Casian Mihailescu gives the lecture “Cooperative, Self-aware and Intelligent Systems: architectural components and future directions in Internet of Things” at a CETINIA seminar, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain.

Jan 28. “Sustainability Circle” workshop on predictive maintenance. View documentation (in Swedish).

Jan 14. Medea Talks co-hosted by IOTAP: “Drifting by Intention—Design Research from the Inside“, with Peter Gall Krogh, member of IOTAP’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Jan 13. Keynote presentation by Michael Przybilski, “Enevo—A case study of the Internet of Things.”


Dec 12. The SHINE project is mentioned in the article “Teknikerna som kan bli klimatets räddning” in the daily Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Nov 24. Paul Davidsson gives a presentation at the Swedish District Heating Association’s yearly conference, Luleå.

Nov 19. Clint Heyer presents “Getting a grip on IoT: Designing experiences for interaction” at the Sigma Technology Internet of Things conference, Budapest, Hungary.

Nov 9. The Internet of Things and People course starts.

Nov 4. Helena Holmström Olsson presents “The Internet of Things from a user perspective” at “Från information till kommunikation”, BOTI 2015.

Nov 4. Romina Spalazzese presents “ECOS: Emergent Configurations of Connected Systems”at “Från information till kommunikation”, BOTI 2015.

Nov 3. Romina Spalazzese presents “Emergent configurations of connected systems” at Software Technology Exchange Workshop (STEW), Kista.

Nov. A partner in the Data Innovation Arena project gives a lecture during the Craft of Data month at Media Evolution.

Oct 23. The report “Building Folkhemmet with the Internet of Things is published“. Also read the accompanying interview with Jonas Löwgren, “En uppkopplad värld för alla“.

Oct 21. IOTAP researcher Åse Jevinger is awarded the “best dissertation 2015” prize.

Oct 21. IOTAP is part of the official inauguration of Malmö University’s new building, Niagara.

Oct 20. Paul Davidsson presents “Forskning i framkant – med fokus på Supply Chain Management” at Internet of Things in the Supply Chain, CSCMP Sweden Roundtable, Stockholm.

Oct 16. IOTAP takes part in the inauguration of the Malmö University building Niagara, including demo presentations and a panel discussion.

Oct 15. Åse Jevinger presents DynahMat at the Internet of Things Conference, Lund.

Oct 1. IOTAP research profile meeting (all researchers and consortium partners).

Sep 25. Paul Davidsson presents “Mot ett mer uppkopplat samhälle – vad skapar det för möjligheter för staden?” at Hållbar stadsutveckling i framkant, Region Skåne, Malmö.

Sep 18. Carl Magnus Olsson presents “Teknikern som tolkar känslor” at Forskar Grand Prix, Nationell ForskarFredag, Malmö.

Sep 10. SHINE project kick-off.

Sep 9. Paul Davidsson presents “Sakernas Internet: Möjligheter och utmaningar” at En akademisk kvart, Malmö City Library.

Sep 2–7. The PELARS project is showcased at the Ars Electronica festival, Linz, Austria. See video.

Sep 1. The TagOn project starts.

Aug 24. IOTAP seminar series (PhD course) start.

Aug. Seminar on ‘smart health’.

Aug. PhD student Joseph Bugeja (computer science) starts.

Jun 25–27. IOTAP organizes a session at the 20th annual congress of the European College of Sport Science, ECSS.

Jun 24. IDG UX World. Klas Hermodsson, Sony, presents “Wearables: when your smartphone is not smart enough”, covering Sony’s previous work within wearables and the current work related to IOTAP.

Jun. Postdoc Ahmed Elmesiry (computer science) starts.

May. PhD students Anuradha Reddy (interaction design) and Brian Katumba (computer science) start.

Apr 27. Andreas Jacobsson informs the Prime Minister of Sweden about IOTAP.

Apr 23. How to build an open platform for smart buildings (video) – Ulrik Eklund presents the Elis Platform at the Internet of Things Conference, Lund. See slides on Slideshare.

Apr 23. Bo Peterson talks on the topic Smart People in Smart Cities at the Sports Future conference, Gothenburg.

Apr 22. Paul Davidsson presents at Eon’s Smart Hyllie conference.

Apr 13. IOTAP is presented at the “Rektorns näringslivslunch” event.

Apr 10–12. IOTAP takes part in the Nordic Internet of Things hackathon.

Apr. Post-doc Radu-Casian Mihailescu starts.

Mar 25. Paul Davidsson presents at the seminar Världens största intelligenta fjärrvärmenät, Netport, Karlshamn.

Mar 23. Johan Holmberg presents the Elis Platform at Nätverksträff om energieffektivisering.

Mar 23. Seminar on ‘smart health’.

Mar 5. IOTAP research profile meeting (all researchers and consortium partners).

Feb 27. Seminar on ‘smart learning’.

Jan. The open-source platform Elis is released.


Dec 18. Several PhD and postdoc positions in Interaction Design and Computer Science are announced.

Dec. The CACT, CoSISECOS, ISHPAiSMASH and UseIT projects start.

Nov 21. PhD thesis on intelligent goods is defended.

Nov 11. Andreas Jacobsson invited speaker at the Internet of Things conference, Malmö.

Nov 3. IOTAP co-organizes an Internet of Things conference.

Nov. Vinnova grant for project on IoT-based consumer products.

Oct 9. Paul Davidsson invited speaker at the Functional Cities conference, Malmö.

Oct 8. Kick-off for the IOTAP research profile.

Jun 5. IOTAP is inaugurated.

Mar. The Knowledge Foundation awards Malmö University SEK 36 million for research into the Internet of Things.

Jan 1. IOTAP starts and a director is appointed.

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