Pilot projects on smart public environments

The Internet of Things and People research center at Malmö University participates in a Vinnova-funded project on smart solutions in public environments.

The research project Smart Public Environments—which also includes Lund University, Lund Municipality and the City of Malmö—will carry out two sub-projects. The first, which focuses on the outdoor environment, will by means of different types of sensors map the flow of vehicles and cargo at Lund Central Station. The second sub-project deals with the indoor environment:

“People have different lighting needs. We will look at how to make lighting more flexible based on how people use a room and take into account their particular needs. We will also make measurements of air quality,” says Paul Davidsson, professor in computer science and director of the research center.

A model for other public organizations
The project will run until 2017 and is part of Vinnova’s Strategic Innovation Agenda for the Internet of Things. The objective is to strengthen Lund’s and Malmö’s ability to utilize innovative IoT solutions to develop and improve operational efficiency and to be a test arena for the Swedish IoT industry, specifically focusing on public environments. The aim is to create services, methods and processes that can be copied and used by other public organizations.

“The idea is to make it easier and faster for public organizations to adopt new technology. Our role as IoT experts is that we know what the opportunities and limitations are,” says Paul Davidsson.

Text: Magnus Jando, originally published as Pilotprojekt om smarta offentliga miljöer.

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