The open source Elis platform is now released

A group of researchers and industry partners have for two years been working on a platform that enables you to integrate various technical systems used in buildings and homes. From ventilation and heating to home entertainment systems. This makes it easier for developers to create apps or other services. Malmö University researchers have been leading the work, and the platform is now released under an open-source license.

Integrating many systems into one ecosystem
Today, most buildings have technology that controls ventilation, heating and other systems that make a building energy efficient and comfortable to live in. Buildings, just like modern cars, are controlled by computer systems that ensure that all technical devices work together with the same goals. Many buildings older than five-ten years have not just one but several systems, and these systems have previously been hard to integrate so that they collaborate with each other as one ecosystem.

Platform that connects existing building systems
For instance, lighting is commonly separate from heating systems as well as alarm systems, which makes it hard to use smart reasoning such as ‘a window is open in this room, so turning off the heat is a good idea’ and ‘as the lights are being turned off and it is dark outside, the person leaving the room should be reminded that the window is still left open’. The Elis platform has been developed to allow existing building systems to be connected with each other, which makes smarter building services simpler to create.

Any system or device can be integrated
Through the Elis platform, existing technologies and systems already used individually may be integrated into one system, thereby forming an ecosystem that may exchange information through the Elis platform. While the platform is first and foremost intended for energy efficiency, also home entertainment systems or automated pet-feeding devices could be integrated. Through a single (and open source) API, the Elis platform allows services to be developed that build upon what all your systems and devices control.

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