Application Areas

The research at IOTAP is carried out in the application areas Smart Cities, Health, Learning, Living, and Transportation. Research and development for these areas is done through projects where researchers, industry partners, and users work together.

SMART CITIES | The integration of Internet of Things technologies and urban development places Smart Cities in a good position to address contemporary societal challenges. Applications include sustainable energy consumption, traffic management, waste management, public safety and security, and other city-level issues. But equally important are other types of value creation, such as including ICTs in government systems and bringing ICTs and people together to enhance the innovation and knowledge that they offer.

» Projects: ECOS, CoSIS, SHINE, UseIT, Smart Public Environments

» Application area coordinator: Per Linde

SMART HEALTH | Health is the most valued aspect of life. By using IoT technologies to measure biometrics as well as other context cues, Smart Health can empower people to proactively engage in their health as well as to manage their recovery from illness or injury. In addition, Smart Health can be used in healthcare settings to involve patients in their treatment and to share data to improve outcomes. Thus, Smart Health is about using IoT technologies to enable and improve health-related services using a network of context-aware things.

» Projects: TagOn, AppSamFramtidens sport, CACT

» Application area coordinator: Nancy L Russo

SMART LEARNING | The connected tools for life-wide learning provide new opportunities for bringing together technology, data and people to provide creative and personalized education. Society is connected through the use of personal technology across diverse landscapes that provide opportunities for IoT services that provoke curiosity and playfulness while engaging people in relevant learning activities at school, home, work, and on the go. Making sense about how to understand, use, and share data between people and services that provides privacy, control, and security that empower people is at the centre of our research.

» Projects: PELARSMobile Language Learning Tools for Supporting Asylum Seekers

» Application area coordinator: Daniel Spikol

SMART LIVING | The connected lifestyle of people today, through their use of mobile and wearable technology for tracking and various interactive and self-adapting IoT services, places Smart Living as a natural point of connection between everyday life and special events or activities, as well as between spare time and work. This includes technology for activity and self tracking as well as infotainment services that promote convenience, safety and entertainment in a secure and privacy-preserving manner.

» Projects: CACT, iSMASH, ISHPA, DynahMat, Framtidens sport

» Application area coordinator: Carl Magnus Olsson

SMART TRANSPORTATION | A vital aspect of the society is the movement of people and goods. By using IoT in transport systems for planning, guiding users, and support autonomous acting (e.g. self-driving cars) etc., the transports can be improved. The improvement concerns efficiency, experiences and comfort for the user, reduced environmental impact, as well as increased security. In particular, individualizing transport services and providing better control and information of transported goods are areas where IoT can make a difference.

» Projects: Data Innovation Arena, EcoTell, Information-based Disturbance Management for Public Transport

» Application area coordinator: Jan A. Persson

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