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Blerim Emruli

Blerim Emruli

The challenge of making sense of big data. That is one of the research challenges that engages Blerim Emruli, postdoc in computer science, Malmö University. At IOTAP, Emruli will focus on understanding how to explore and model the data but also investigate the flexibility and adaptability of the delivered solutions.

Blerim, which are your research interests?
My research interest is in the field of artificial intelligence that is a prominent branch of computer science, which enables devices, computers and machines to unleash intelligent behaviour.

“Artificial intelligence” is a rather broad field, can you explain a bit further what you mean with that?

Nowadays, for example, much of my research interest is focused on data science and human-in-the-loop systems that aim to exploit the recent advancements in instantly collecting, generating, processing, and acting based on plethora of data from a variety of sources, in different environments in order to uncover hidden patterns and/or unleash intelligent behavior.

Why is this research important?
In my world, there are two sides to answer your question. First, the era of digital transformation and Internet of Things has led to the challenge of making sense of big data that is produced in almost all domains of science, industry, healthcare, economy, and even everyday life. On this count, it is worth mentioning that since 2011 we have surpassed a critical point where more data are generated than we can physically store and where the key challenge is processing the data stream(s). Second, the number of Internet-connected physical objects and affordable devices in our lives will continue to increase, both in quantity and in complexity, which as a result will dramatically increase the demand to enable autonomous communication, adaptation and collaboration between vendor-independent devices, humans and the environment. Especially, the concept of the human-in-the-loop prompts additional challenges/opportunities not considered too long ago. The common view is that while this is a challenge, there are tremendous opportunities for new and innovative ICT products and services where heterogeneous data is collected, fused, analyzed, and disseminated in an intelligent manner.

Which IOTAP projects will you be involved in?
So far I am primarily working in the DISS and ECOS+ projects. My involvement ranges from problem formulation/understanding to exploring/modeling the data, and investigating the flexibility and adaptability of the delivered solution(s) to ever changing environment. In particular, I am interested in problem formulation/understanding, exploratory data analysis, human-in-the-loop approaches, and deployment possibilities of the research outputs in public/private cloud infrastructures and existing solutions of IOTAP industrial partners (and their clients).

 » Blerim Emruli is postdoc at the Faculty of Technology and Society, Malmö University.

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