UPDATED! Wanted: “Smart” researchers not yet active in IoTaP

UPDATE OCT 5. Nineteen project proposals were submitted to the IoTaP call for seed funding. Although many proposals were highly relevant and of high quality, due to budget constraints it was only possible to fund the following five proposals:

  • Smart Sport Activities in Smart and Healthy Cities – Karin Book and Kelly Knez (LS)
  • Design av kognitivt stöd: Hur kan IoT och mänsklig assistans kombineras? – Hanna Egard (HS)
  • Challenges of Coordinated Patient Care Planning – Sara Johnsdotter and Christine Kumlien (HS)
  • Augmenting Interactive Self Care: Digital Methods Connecting Everyday Activities & Medical Practices – Carl Johan Orre (TS)
  • Introducing Interconnected Wireless Sensor Modules that Provide Sound Feedback for Rehab Exercises in Peer-to-peer Training Sessions in the Private Sphere – Anne-Marie Skriver Hansen and Henrik Svarrer Larsen (KS)

CALL FOR PROPOSALS. Apply now for funding to develop research initiatives using the Internet of Things (IoT) in areas such as health and learning. Applications are due September 25.

The Internet of Things and People (IoTaP) research center invites Malmö University researchers that are not already active in IoTaP to apply for “seed funding” to develop ideas for research projects. These initiatives preferably should result in an application for external funding for implementation of the project. The focus should be on one or more of the following areas:

  • Smart cities: supporting emergency services, energy management, public safety & security, etc
  • Smart health: supporting (preventive) health care anywhere and anytime
  • Smart learning: facilitating learning anywhere, including both professional and informal learning
  • Smart living: improving the comfort and quality of everyday life

The project period is October–December 2016.

A number of proposals will be granted 50 000 SEK each which can be used for salaries, travel, and other expenses.

Your application should be 1 page maximum and contain:

  • a description of the project idea
  • the intended result, e.g. a Horizon 2020 application
  • who will be involved (project leader, researchers, external partners, etc.)
  • how the money will be spent

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the applications:

  • feasibility
  • novelty
  • possibility to attract external funding
  • potential impact
  • relevance to IoTaP

For general questions about this call, contact Paul Davidsson. For questions regarding the prioritized areas, contact

We prefer applications in English, but accept also Swedish.

Applications are due September 25, 2016, and should be emailed to Paul Davidsson.

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