Building “Folkhemmet” with the Internet of Things

A drone that tends your garden; a bed canopy that prevents data network signals from getting through; a mattress that adjusts itself based on your body temperature – these are all “things” that can be purchased in a fictive Ikea Catalogue in, perhaps, 10–20 years.

This future-looking catalogue is part of the report “Building Folkhemmet with the Internet of Things”, which explores how Swedish standards, values and participatory design models could help make Sweden an innovation hub for IoT.

In order to get there, many obstacles need to be overcome. The authors argue, for example, that we need interfaces that work even when you move from one place to another; that we need to agree on standards for wireless connectivity and sensors, and that we need to develop IoT platforms that don’t lock their users into proprietary solutions.

The report is the result of the Vinnova funded project Consumer-oriented Internet of Things Products and Services.

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