Towards Emergent Configurations in the Internet of Things | Fahed Alkhabbas defends his licentiate thesis

On December 21 at 13:15–15:00, IOTAP’s Fahed Alkhabbas defends his licentiate thesis entitled Towards Emergent Configurations in the Internet of Things.

» Download the comprehensive summary of this licentiate thesis

Location: Niagara, lecture hall B1, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Malmö

The event is open to the public.

Senior lecturer Jesper Andersson, Linnæus University, is the opponent.

ABSTRACT | The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-spreading technology that enables new types of services in several domains, such as transportation, health, and building automation. To exploit the potential of the IoT effectively, several challenges have to be tackled including the following ones. First, the proposed IoT visions provide a fragmented picture, leading to a lack of consensus about IoT systems and their constituents. A second set of challenges concerns the environment of IoT systems that is often dynamic and uncertain, e.g. devices can appear and be discovered at runtime as well as become suddenly unavailable. Additionally, the involvement of human users complicates the scene as people’s activities are not always predictable. The majority of existing approaches to engineer IoT systems rely on predefined processes to achieve users’ goals. Consequently, such systems have significant shortcomings in coping with dynamic and uncertain environments.

To piece together the fragmented picture of IoT systems, we systematically identified their characteristics by analyzing and synthesizing existing taxonomies. To address the challenges related to the IoT environment and the involvement of human users, we used the concept of Emergent Configurations (ECs) to engineer IoT systems. An EC consists of a dynamic set of devices that cooperate temporarily to achieve a user goal. To realize this vision, we proposed novel approaches that enable users to achieve their goals by supporting the automated formation, enactment, and self-adaptation of IoT systems.

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