Grand opening of Internet of Things and People research center

About seventy people attended the grand opening of Malmö University’s research centre the Internet of Things and People, which took place on June 5.

In the next few years, billions of devices will be connected to the Internet. Smart phones and other gadgets with built-in Internet connection, enabling a safer and more comfortable lifestyle. Businesses that collaborate with each other and users more involved in companies’ products, are just a few effects of the phenomenon. The opening of the Internet of Things and People gave visitors a chance to look into the conceivable future and get a picture of what is happening in the field.

Malmö University’s deputy vice-chancellor, Hans Lindquist, began by formally inaugurating the new research centre and was followed by the dean of the Faculty of Technology and Society, Catarina Coquand. She stressed that the research centre is important, not least for prospective students, and that the close collaboration between researchers, companies and organisations in the region will lead to relevant research.

During the afternoon, the focus was on the Internet of Things from different perspectives. The director, Paul Davidsson, began by talking about developments in the field, which now seems to be expanding rapidly. Major reasons for this are that the technology has become inexpensive and widely available and that Internet access is available almost everywhere.

Petra Sundström, Chief Science Officer at ayond, and former head of research at SICS & Mobile Life, spoke on the theme The Internet of Things as it is now happening, and why it did not become quite what we thought. Petra gave a brief historical review of, among other things, the focus that for many years has been on the connected home as well as a broader range of applications that involves a lot of companies wanting to make the most of various “apps”. An example of such a service is that you can now turn on the heat in your car while sitting at the breakfast table.

Petra Sundström

Petra Sundström gave an interesting lecture on the grand opening of the Internet of Things and People research centre.

Fredrik Hedlund, CEO, Sigma Connectivity, gave a lecture titled, Are you ready to be connected? Fredrik is confident that everything that can benefit from being connected will be so in the near future. And we’ve only seen the beginning of cooperation between companies and the innovative spirit in this region.

The lectures were rounded off by David Cuartielles, a researcher at Malmö University, with the talk Connecting objects the open source way, in which he showed how students developed creative and playful Internet of Things-based services with the help of free software and cheap hardware.

The inaugural ceremony ended with a reception, where guests got the chance to talk more about the Internet of Things and interact with each other more casually.

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