IOTAP Open Event | January 16

The Internet of Things (IoT) changes how we live and learn, how we move around in the city and how we stay healthy. Welcome to this open event where you’ll learn more about designing future IoT services and technology.

When: January 16 (2018) at 13:00–16:00

Where: Niagara, level 5, Malmö University (Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Malmö).

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We are now halfway into the seven year IOTAP research profile project and it is time to sum up and discuss the results achieved so far.

13:00–13:15 Introduction to the IOTAP research profile (Paul Davidsson)
13:15–15:00 Discussion of the results so far (2014–2017). Sofa-based panel with moderator (Karolina Rosenqvist)
13.20 Context-awareness in Consumer IoT Technologies (CACT)
13.40 Emergent Configurations of Connected Systems (ECOS)
14.00 Cooperative, Self-aware and Intelligent Surveillance Systems (CoSIS)
14.20 Interaction in the Smart Home: A Prototype-driven Approach (ISHPA) and Intelligent Support for Privacy Management in Smart Homes (iSMASH)
15:00–16:00 Coffee, Demos in the IOTAP Lab (e.g. Dynahmat, PELARS, CoSIS and ECOS) Presentations outside the lab (CACT, iSMASH, ISHPA)

Who is it for? This is a great opportunity for companies, other organizations, students and academics to learn about IOTAP and meet the researchers. Hopefully we’ll end up with new and exciting project ideas!

What is IOTAP? Internet of Things and People (IOTAP) is a research center at Malmö University. IOTAP’s vision is to be the leading research environment in making the Internet of Things useful and usable. Learn more about IOTAP.

What is the IOTAP research profile project? It is a seven year project funded partially by the Knowledge Foundation (KKS). The objective is to systematically develop and establish an internationally competitive research environment in the area of Internet of Things with focus on its human users. The consortium includes Axis Communications, Cybercom, Data Ductus, Eon, Sigma Connectivity, Sigma Technology, Sony Mobile, TerraNet, and Verisure Innovation.

Questions? Contact Elisabet Thorén

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