IOTAP: Walk the Library | Privacy Policy

IOTAP: Walk the Library requires access to your phone’s Bluetooth device. This is used by the app to track beacon signal. The application will temporarily store data regarding your movements within the library at Malmö University, as well as your answers to various quiz questions found in the application. This is used by the application to present statistics to the user of their activity at the exhibition. All collected data is destroyed when leaving the exhibition.

If you choose to contribute data, marked in the application as “feedback”, to the DISS project (available at three different spots in the library), you commit to sharing your feedback data with the Research Project. No personal identification data is shared with the Research Project. Collected data is stored by the Research Project on servers in the United States of America.

The data is only intended for use that holds research purposes. It may be shared outside the Research Project once the data has been processed and passed the relevant peer-review procedure for scientific publication, as required by the publication outlet.

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