Majid Ashouri | New IOTAP PhD Student

Majid Ashouri

Majid Ashouri

Majid Ashouri is new PhD student at Computer Science and Media Technology department at Malmö University and is also a member of the IOTAP research center working on the project entitled “Cloud vs. Edge Computing for IoT Applications”. Majid obtained his M.Sc. degree in Information Technology (Computer Networks) from Sharif University of Technology, Iran. He also has professional experience working in research and industrial projects regarding Vehicular Networks and Optical Transport Networks.

Majid, which are your research interests?
My research interests are broadly in the area of Distributed Systems, and IoT related problems particularly in Edge Computing, Vehicular Networks, and Wireless Sensor Networks.

What IOTAP projects will you be involved in?
My PhD project is entitled “Cloud vs. Edge Computing for IoT Applications”. This project supervised by Prof. Paul Davidsson and co-supervised by Dr. Romina Spalazzese focus on the effect of edge, fog and cloud computing on designing and deploying IoT applications.

Why is this area important to study?
In spite of the powerful achievements and increasing usage of Cloud computing, there are still challenges when developing IoT systems which have requirements concerning e.g. latency, energy consumption, and privacy. Edge computing can address those problems by performing computations directly in devices at the edge of the network, such as gateways, routers, switches and base stations, or even the connected IoT devices. In this regard, we may use a hybrid solution to perform some processing and storage at the edge and some in the cloud servers. However, it is challenging for application designers to find the best possible solution for a particular IoT system. Thus, the plan is to work on:

  • Supporting system designers in deciding when cloud, edge or hybrid IoT solutions should be used.
  • Proposing new architectures and methods for edge-based and hybrid IoT solutions.

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