Making IoT data actionable

IoT devices create and deliver massive amounts of data that humans are ill-equipped to deal with. What is needed is highly contextualized and personalized information. DocFactory IoT is a platform that makes the data from IoT devices actionable.

This article was originally published in the IOTAP 2016 brochure.

Today, everyone is looking for everything to be smart. Terms like smart watch, smart home, smart building, smart car, and even smart nation is used. IoT technology will play a crucial role for all of these.

DocFactory IoT is based on Sigma Technology’s already existing software platform, DocFactory, which provides middleware-level information integration as well as basic user interface management. It has been revised so that it now can integrate with IoT devices.

Demonstration case for the DocFactory IoT framework

Demonstration case for the DocFactory IoT framework. The system in the demo is connected with weather stations from Netatmo. It receives sensor data about geolocation, temperature, humidity, and pressure. Based on the sensor information, the demo system provides information that is relevant to your location, weather, and so forth.

Tomas Eriksson, global operations manager at Sigma Technology, says: “IoT devices will create and deliver massive amounts of data which will be used by IoT platforms. Humans however are ill-equipped to deal with the massive amounts of data coming their way. What is needed is highly contextualized and personalized information that is also actionable. By marrying this information with IoT, we will get smarter IoT. We need to intelligently filter just the data and information which is needed and present the results at a level of abstraction that is ready for a human to act upon.”

DocFactory IoT has been developed by Sigma Technology in collaboration with IOTAP researchers. This work was partially financed by the Knowledge Foundation through the Internet of Things and People research profile.

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