New director of IOTAP

The new research centre, The Internet of Things and People Research Centre, IOTAP, which began operating in January, will be headed by Professor Paul Davidsson. The appointment was made following a recent meeting of the Malmö University executive management.

Paul Davidsson

Paul Davidsson

The Internet of Things and People Research Centre will focus on research into the development of products and services based on connected devices, especially from the user perspective. There is already an excellent research tradition in this field at the University and it will now be brought to a new level.

“It will be exciting to start up a new research centre with so many expert research staff involved. We have a major research profile application to the KK Foundation in the pipeline and it looks as if an EU-funded mobile learning project is about to be approved,” states Paul Davidsson.

Paul Davidsson is at present deputy dean with responsibility for research at the Faculty of Technology and Society. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Hans Lindquist is pleased with the appointment of the new director.

“Paul Davidsson is an internationally established researcher with experience from building up successful research environments at both Blekinge Institute of Technology and Malmö University. I am extremely pleased that he has agreed to head the new centre,” he states.

Driving force in operational development
Paul Davidsson is a computer scientist specialising in intelligent, distributed systems. After taking his PhD he was responsible building up a research group in this field, comprising 20 researchers, at Blekinge Institute of Technology, where he was appointed professor in 2002. He also holds several international positions on steering committees and programme committees.

“I came to Malmö University in 2009 and since then I’ve been involved in developing both advanced and doctoral programmes within the field of computer science. I was also project leader for the group that produced a new policy for doctoral programmes at Malmö University,” he says.

Collaboration with industry
Collaboration with industry is vital to the work at the Centre and is something that requires insight and experience of collaborative activities and an understanding of the conditions, both at the University and within a corporate environment. Paul Davidsson has extensive experience of this type of project and he has also been involved in starting up a company based on Internet of Things technology. This is something that he has considerable use for today.

“The company, Noda Intelligent Systems, has created a product to improve the efficiency of district heating systems by integrating smart software in heat exchangers which means, among other things, that they can negotiate with other heat exchangers,” he says.

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