Designing for desirable IoT experiences | New postdoc at IOTAP

Dimitrios Gkouskos

Dimitrios Gkouskos

Malmö University has a strong tradition of involving users in the design process. This is one of the reasons why interaction design researcher Dimitrios Gkouskos decided to come to Malmö. At IOTAP, he will bring a user experience perspective and explore ways to design for desirable IoT experiences.

Dimitrios, what is your research interest?

My research is centered on defining ways to design for user experience especially concerning user involvement in the design process. I currently focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) domain.

Why is this research important?

User experience design brings the user’s experience to the forefront of the designer’s attention. As we have moved past only focusing on usable systems when designing for experience, it is necessary to have design tools that can capture aspects of experience and make these aspects useful for the ideation and evaluation of design solutions.

Further, Internet of Things brings about new possibilities and a new set of challenges for designers. It is relatively easy to embed connected capabilities into artifacts that traditionally have been seen as exclusively physical. However, instead of indiscriminately adding technology, designers ought to enhance people’s lives and use technology to improve the experience of interacting with the world in thoughtful ways. To this end, I believe it is imperative to work with users and designers in order to uncover opportunities where IoT can enhance the experience of using an artifact.

Further, I see IoT as an opportunity for interaction design to unbound itself from what is considered strictly digital and interactive, in order to also contribute to the design of physical artifacts that are moving into the digital domain.

Which IOTAP projects will you be involved in?

I am involved in two IOTAP projects, ISHPA and CACT. In both projects, I aim to bring a user experience perspective and uncover ways to design for desirable IoT experiences. In the CACT project, I am planning to contribute by exploring user perceptions of context in relation to IoT devices. In the ISHPA project, my aim is to explore research questions related to automation, control, and where the interface appears in a smart home setting.

Why did you want to come to Malmö University?

Malmö University has a strong tradition of using different ways to involve users in the design process (participatory design comes to mind), which is something I am interested to learn more about. Further, the IOTAP research center at Malmö University offers a lot of opportunities for conducting research on the forefront of technology, which I—as a technology enthusiast—find both stimulating and rewarding.

» Dimitrios Gkouskos received his PhD from Chalmers University of Technology. His dissertation is titled “User Experience Insight: Steering Experience Design Through Meaningful Incorporation.”

» View Gkouskos’s publication list on Google Scholar

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