IOTAP takes part in study on co-production in research

IOTAP is one of the research environments that take part in a project that looks at how Malmö University can better support collaboration with partners from outside the university.

It is often argued that higher education and research should be carried out in co-production (in Swedish, ’samverkan’) with external stakeholders in order for it to have an effect on society. How to initiate and execute co-production projects is, however, very different between academic disciplines. It also varies according to what types of external actors that take part and what incentives various stakeholders have.

The ‘research and co-production’ project aims to get an understanding of how Malmö University can better support co-production. The work is based on studying co-production activities carried out in three research environments at Malmö University: IOTAP, the Department of Urban Studies, and the Center for Sexology and Sexuality Studies. The project is funded by Vinnova, started in January 2015, and runs for two years.

Learn more about the project Forskning och samverkan: En strategi för ett starkare lärosäte (archived webpage; in Swedish).

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