Consumer-oriented Internet of Things Products and Services: Challenges and Opportunities

Mapping and predicting the potentials of consumer markets for Swedish actors in the field of IoT.

The project amounts to a feasibility study aiming to map and predict the size, focus and commercial potential of Internet of Things for consumer-oriented companies and startups in Sweden today. Moreover, it will identify common problems such as technologies, toolkits, infrastructure, design competence, disruptive business models, or spectrum access for this sector – both from the developer and end-user perspectives.

Through qualitative data collection and a series of analytical and integrative workshops during the spring of 2015, the study delivers a quantification of the market potential, along with an analysis of impediments to growth and needs for research and development. The final deliverable is a roadmap for growth and leadership in the area of consumer-oriented Internet of Things.

Project outcome

Application areas: The focus on consumer-oriented products and services cuts across all application areas of the IOTAP center: Smart Energy, Smart Living, Smart Transportation, Smart Cities, Smart Health and Smart Learning.

Project period: 2014-01-01 – 2015-12-31

Funding: The study is funded by Vinnova under the Strategic Innovation program.

Contact: The study is coordinated by KTH and involves several Swedish centers for research and development. IOTAP is represented by Jonas Löwgren.

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