Cooperative, Self-aware and Intelligent Surveillance Systems – CoSIS

Exploring the design of intelligent distributed systems with multiple sensors and multiple services.

» See also the Dynamic Intelligent Sensor Intensive Systems (DISS) project, which is a continuation of the research carried out in the CoSIS project.

This project concerns the design of intelligent surveillance systems typically including multiple connected sensors and cameras. The ambition is not only to improve the systems from a surveillance perspective but also to enable the systems to support services with other purposes in the public and semi-public space, such as facility management and activity logging. The main idea is to enhance the intelligence of the system and system components, e.g., the ability to cooperate and being self-aware, while also considering the information security perspective. For instance, it may concern how the system and its components know in what state they are and what they can and are allowed to do. Further, it may concern what information a component should or may share and with whom, and what information needs to be processed. A challenge is to make use of information and/or functionality from different systems and system components, currently often working in isolation, sometimes for different organisation, e.g., the police, transport operators, business owners or other private companies. The project intends to make use of case studies and will iteratively re-prioritise what specific problems to address during time periods of six months.

Application areas: Smart Cities, Smart Transportation

Partners: Malmö University, Axis Communications, Sigma Connectivity, Sigma Technology

Project period: 2014-12-01 – 2017-09-30

Funding: The project is funded by the Knowledge Foundation within the Internet of Things and People Research Profile, Malmö University, and the business partners.

Contact: The project is coordinated by Jan A. Persson, IOTAP, Malmö University.

Learn more: Download extended project description for Cooperative, Self-aware and Intelligent Surveillance Systems.

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