Data-Driven Systems: Industrial Graduate School

Increase the research competence in the involved companies; strengthen cooperation between academia and industry

The data-driven systems graduate school is a 36-month industrial graduate school aimed at enabling 7–10 employees at 4–6 companies to gain scientific skills and knowledge in areas related to a topic that benefit their respective host companies, while at the same time reach a licentiate degree in computer science from Malmö University. The students will spend 67 percent of their time on their graduate studies and the remaining time on company tasks. The academic host environment consists of the Computer Science and Media Technology department and the Internet of Things and People research center, an environment which currently hosts senior researchers in a range of topics related to data-driven systems including data mining, context-aware systems, and user experience. By being based on needs expressed from the partner companies, the graduate school aims to give the participating companies a significant competence boost in data-driven systems that enable them to improve workflows in their organisations and/or for more directly offer higher value products to their customers.


Partners: Apptus Technologies, Sigma Technology, Sony Mobile, Ubisoft Entertainment, and Malmö University

Project period: 2018–2021

Funding: The project is funded by the Knowledge Foundation, Malmö University, and the business partners.

Contact: Bengt J. Nilsson, project manager of the industrial graduate school

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