Minimizing food waste with dynamic shelf life.

The DynahMat project focuses on an open-system solution that enables the integration and interconnection of different sensor solutions, quality prediction, communication solutions, databases, business systems, and applications. The project benefits actors in the food industry by enabling them to guarantee an efficient flow of wholesome food and minimize waste.

Resource utilization in today’s food supply chains is far from optimal and has great potential for improvement. In Sweden and parts of Europe, a third of all produced and imported food is discarded. A major reason for this is the static shelf life labelling that both consumers and actors in the food supply chain use when accepting or rejecting a product.

The DynahMat project is based on several years of research on new sensors, prediction models, and how actors in the supply chain can cooperate and utilize each other’s information for a sustainable society, with the aim of reducing food waste, but also increasing the level of innovation in the Swedish food industry. The goal of the project is to develop intelligent logistics and packaging systems that in real time communicate and predict quality and product security of chilled foods. The solution can be used along the food supply chain by the food industry, distributors, retailers, as well as consumers.

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Project period: 2013-10-10 – 2016-06-30

Funding: The project is funded by Vinnova.

Contact: The project is coordinated by Lund University. IOTAP is represented by Paul Davidsson.

More information: See the DynahMat website

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