EcoTELL – Transport Efficiency and Environmental Application Living Lab

A living lab for more sustainable and efficient transport of goods.

The project wants to build a live ICT test lab, a ‘Living Lab’, in which a number of case studies will be carried out with the aim of utilizing the increased availability of vehicle-generated activity and operational data throughout the transportation industry (such as fuel consumption, fuel quality, mileage, driving pattern, cargo quantity, freight and delivery data, and positioning data). The goal is to create the conditions for operators in the transport industry to jointly and openly develop the methods, analytical tools and prototypes needed to develop their environmental efficiency and thereby accelerate the transition to sustainability. Due to transport’s large environmental impact, the possibility to provide ever more advanced environmental products and services is a key part of the automotive manufacturers developing their product offering, which, together with the other stakeholders in the transport sector (fuel producers, infrastructure manager, cargo owners and others) contribute to the nation’s efforts to achieve the set objectives. The results from the project’s case studies consist of prototypes and demonstrators for more efficient and secure calculations of transporters performance, which is necessary to calculate scenarios or follow up measures to increase efficiency.

Project period: 2014-02-03 – 2016-11-30

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