Intelligent Mobility of the Future in Greater Copenhagen

Accelerating the uptake of sustainable mobility solutions in the Øresund region

Today, no strategy exists across the region of Øresund that addresses how new and intelligent mobility solutions should be implemented and spread in order to support flexible and sustainable transportation. This project will make a difference when it comes to possibilities for new mobility solutions in the Øresund region by lifting the subject through mutual experiences and strategic recommendations. The aim is that significantly more governance within the area will be established, so that we do not just follow along with the technological development but show the way in order to create a sustainable mobility in Greater Copenhagen.

Intelligent mobility is defined in this project as solutions that are enabled by big data, platforms and realtime information and dynamic management systems. Sustainable mobility is defined as mobility services and solutions that strike a good balance between economic, social and environmental aspects.

The project brings together several Danish and Swedish mobility use cases – at different stages of development. The use cases are centered around subjects such as the development of a modern station area – or a whole city area with a “park and ride” facility with room for 2,400 cars (Municipalities of Lund, Køge and Glostrup), the use of traffic data and information (Hvidovre, along ring road 3 in Loop City, and road E6 with Trafikverket), smart parking (Helsingborg Municipality), and collective transport in rural areas (sharing mobility, Lolland, and dynamic bus planning, Malmö University).

The use cases have been selected because they each in their own way contribute to a better transportation infrastructure, but especially because the knowledge generated between them holds much larger potential for developing access to truly sustainable future mobility for most citizens across the region.

Application areas: Smart Transport, Smart Cities

Partners: Gate 21, Capital Region of Copenhagen, Region Zeeland, Movia, Glostrup Municipality, Hvidovre Municipality, Køge Municipality, Lund Municipality, Helsingborg Municipality, Vera Park, Region Skåne, Innovation Skåne, Swedish Transport Administration and Malmö University.

Project period: 2018–2021

Funding: The project is funded by Interreg IVA ÖKS.

Contact: The project is coordinated by Gate21. IOTAP is represented by Jan Persson.

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