Internet of Things and People Research Profile

Building a world-class research environment focusing on the Internet of Things and its human users

The objective of the research profile is to systematically develop and establish an internationally competitive research environment in a well-defined area of knowledge that is relevant to the business partners. In our case the area of knowledge is the Internet of Things with focus on its human users, and the business partners are: Axis Communications, Cybercom, Data Ductus, Eon, Sigma Connectivity, Sigma Technology, Sony Mobile Communications, TerraNet, and Topp.

The researchers involved are mainly computer scientists and interaction designers who will collaborate closely in a number of concrete projects (see below) together with one or more of the business partners.

The research will focus on three areas that are crucial for the advance of the Internet of Things: (i) how users interact with the connected devices, (ii) how users can be involved in the development of new IoT services and products, and (iii) how intelligence embedded in the devices can improve the usability and functionality of IoT services and products.

The research profile is a seven-year project with a total budget of more than 100 MSEK.

Current Projects:


Completed projects:

Application areas: Involves all application areas of the IOTAP research center.

Project period: 2014-09-01 – 2021-08-31

Funding: The project is funded by the Knowledge Foundation, Malmö University, and the business partners.

Contact: Paul Davidsson

Industrial Advisory Board

  • Anders Larsson, TOPP
  • Fredrik Hertzberg, Axis
  • Lars Bierlein, Eon
  • Magnus Svensson, Sony Mobile
  • Mattias Johansson, Cybercom
  • Niklas Malmros, Sigma Technology
  • Ola Samuelsson, Terranet
  • Peter Kembro, Sigma Connectivity
  • Thomas Höglund, Data Ductus

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Prof. Jan Bosch, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. Director of Software Center
  • Prof. Peter Gall Krogh, Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark. Director of REform – designing social innovation for sustainability
  • Prof. Sascha Ossowski, Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain. Director of Centre for Intelligent Information Technologies

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