Minimum Viable Device

A gateway between the Internet and Smart Things.

Minimum Viable Device (MVD) is a complete hardware and software architecture, half the size of a credit card, and a gateway between the Internet and Smart Things. The MVD project aims to create a de facto standard for communication between objects, this to enable the realization of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The project initially focuses on transportation and so-called m-Health (mobile health), but will later on be extended to other industries such as energy, automotive, and tourism. Special focus is made on aspects such as privacy and security, i.e., that the user decides on which information he or she shares with third parties. Another aspect the project will focus on is user experience and user interface for IoT, trying to find a generic and easy way to communicate with devices without display. The third aspect is to increase the ecosystem of smart things using Bluetooth Smart and WiFi as technologies and for promoting MVD as de facto standard.

Project period: 2014-06-01 – 2016-01-29

Funding: The project is funded by Vinnova.

Contact: The project is coordinated by Mobile Heights. IOTAP is represented by Paul Davidsson.

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