Mobile services for energy efficiency in existing buildings

Integrate existing building systems and other devices.

This project focuses on exploring the potential of mobile services on mobile devices to promote energy efficiency in existing buildings. The focus on existing buildings is of particular interest as this is a perspective that presently is largely lacking research, despite the fact that the largest energy savings on a societal level are likely to come from this area.

The project is located in Malmö, Sweden, and is part of the Malmö Green Digital City initiative where the goal is to become Sweden’s most climate aware city. The project strives to integrate and extend existing platforms, technologies, and infrastructure. To succeed with this, a mix of academic and industrial partners are involved in the collaboration.

Project period: 2012-09-01 – 2014-11-30

Project outcome:

» The Elis platform is now open source – learn more how to integrate existing building management systems and other devices

» See Ulrik Eklund’s presentation How to build on open platform for smart buildings (video) from the Internet of Things Conference, Lund, 2015.

» The approved and official final report of the Elis project is also available (mixed Swedish/English)

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