Smart Energy Management and Security – SEMS

Exploring interaction with and the privacy of smart energy management systems

The SEMS project merges two previous projects, Interaction in the Smart Home (ISHPA) and Intelligent Support for Privacy Management in Smart Homes (iSMASH), and will have a strong focus on interaction technology and interaction in relation to smart energy management. In the ISHPA project, the observation of how complex IoT systems often provide a fragmented ecology of different touch-points and interaction possibilities led us to explore how end-user configurations according to personal preferences could be managed.

A focus for the SEMS project is interaction with a complex cloud service that will be used by different users during different circumstances, thus demanding several different user interfaces.

The complexity of the system and the potential sensitivity of some of the data raises concerns on privacy and security issues. This will be dealt with through the expertise developed in the iSMASH project mentioned above. Further, the studied system, which is dependent on IoT-based technologies and sensor data, will include an AI component. Providing user interfaces that can communicate with the AI of the system in a way that approaches a dialogical format of communication will be part of the research questions explored. Even though including screen-based solutions, the project has an initial interest also in alternative interaction models such as augmented and virtual reality solutions.

Application area: Smart Living

Partners: Malmö University, CyberCom, Eon, Topp

Project period: 2018–2019

Funding: The project is funded by the Knowledge Foundation within the Internet of Things and People Research Profile, Malmö University, and the business partners.

Contact: The project is coordinated by Per Linde, IOTAP, Malmö University.

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