Smart Public Environments

Making it easier for public organizations to adopt IoT technology.

» See also the Smart Public Environments II project

The Smart Public Environments project will (1) carry out two pilot projects and (2) streamline the process of how the public sector can implement innovative IoT solutions. Through the use of IoT technologies, one pilot project focuses on how to improve indoor lighting and quality of air; the other on visualizing flows in the city that will facilitate urban planning. The new IoT implementation process will make use of agile methods that are better suited for a rapidly changing society to avoid making bad investment choices. The project will also develop a model for open-sensor infrastructure and a data platform that opens up opportunities for more actors to create new and innovative IoT services.

Project updates:

Project period: 2016-10-20 – 2017-06-30

Funding: The project is funded by Vinnova.

Contact: The project is coordinated by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. IOTAP is represented by Paul Davidsson.

More information: Currently not available.

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