Prototypes, Services & Products

These are some of the prototypes, services and products that IOTAP researchers and students have contributed to the development of. They have typically been developed in collaboration with industry and/or end users.

Services & Products

Citizen ScienceCitizen Science

This app enables users to contribute to research projects, allowing them to act as remote sensors for all types of data as they go through their daily life. (Not officially released.)

Demonstration case for the DocFactory IoT frameworkDocFactory IoT

A platform that makes data from IoT devices actionable by providing intelligent filters that present results at a level of abstraction that is ready for a human to act upon.

Elis platform

A platform that enables you to integrate various technical systems used in buildings and homes, from ventilation and heating to home entertainment systems.



Arduino Shield

Makes it possible to connect an Arduino board to the Verisure development platform.

Bus Runner

A smartphone game based on beacon technology and open data making the bus ride more attractive by turning it into a game. (Not officially released.)

Sensor on chicken

Dynamic “best before” dates

A system concept that enables dynamic shelf-life prediction, potentially reducing waste in the food supply chain.

Mesh Presenter

A mobile application that makes meeting presentations more collaborative.

Smart Street Lights

A concept of a so-called emergent configuration where lamp posts are connected in a distributed fashion without a central server.


Smart Learning Analytics

A system for generating information about what happens when students are engaged in collaborative, project-based learning activities.

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