Research Seminar: Designing Quantified Workplace Systems (February 11)

Our understanding of Internet o Things (IoT) systems in the Quantified Workplace (QW) is in its infancy. Early work has focused on creating platforms, standards, and devices. Little work has been done to provide guidance on how organizations should design QW systems that address the conflicting needs of employees and the organization.

The “VALUES” framework is a preliminary set of issues that may be used to guide research and development of QW systems. The framework has been developed from an examination of extant IoT/QW research and it is the topic of a research seminar led by guest professor Nancy Russo.

Date and time: February 11 at 13:15–14:00.
Place: Room NIC0626, Niagara, Malmö University (Nordenskiöldsgatan 1)
Target group: PhD students, faculty and industry


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