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The Citizen Science application from Sony Mobile enables the users to contribute to research projects, allowing them to act as remote sensors for all types of data as they go through their daily life. Together with researchers, users can share their data by participating in projects together with scientists and industry that can improve society.

This article was originally published in the IOTAP 2016 brochure.

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One of the main reasons Sony Mobile launched Citizen Science is that they have been approached by many institutional researchers that want Sony to share data with them for research purposes. This application empowers users to work with researchers by being in control of their data directly and collaborate on research that is relevant to their interests.

Håkan Jonsson, data scientist at Sony Mobile Research, says: “Citizen Science helps us contribute user data to academic research projects by connecting university projects directly with users in a way that scales, by not making Sony a middle man in the data collection and sharing process. Instead we just facilitate the contact, and the users contribute data directly to the research project. This solves any data liability problems, builds trust, engages users and helps Sony Mobile and our users contribute to science in important areas.”

One example of a project you can contribute to is Social Log, which is run by IOTAP researchers. This project uses call and text history to quantify user tendencies in terms of social behavior, which from a research perspective is rarely collected on a large scale. The purpose is to enable development of technology that better adapts to social behavior.

Citizen Science has been developed by Sony Mobile in collaboration with IOTAP researchers. This work was partially financed by the Knowledge Foundation through the Internet of Things and People research profile.

» See the Citizen Science website

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