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Smart Health (application area)

Using technology to support health

Illustration from the Smart Health Check Up workshop, 2017. By Elin Turesson.

Health is the most valued aspect of life. Everyone wants to be well. Health issues range from well-being to sickness, physical to mental health, preventive care to rehabilitation, temporary disabilities to chronic disease, etc.

By using IoT technologies to measure biometrics as well as other context cues, Smart Health can empower people to proactively engage in their health as well as to manage their recovery from illness or injury. In addition, Smart Health can be used in healthcare settings to involve patients in their treatment and to share data to improve outcomes. Thus, Smart Health is about using IoT technologies to enable and improve health-related services using a network of context-aware things.

» Contact: Nancy L Russo, application area coordinator

» For a more detailed introduction to the Smart Health area, read Nancy Russo’s Smart Health and IoT: Opportunities and Challenges

» See also the article Appar hjälper dig sköta din hälsa (in Swedish)

What we’re doing in this area

At Malmö University, we have a track record of research in the Smart Health area. Here are a few examples of initiatives we are or have been part of.

A Smart Health Check Up: Current State and Potential Futures
In December 2017, we hosted a Smart Health workshop where we focused on how IoT-based technologies can play a role in future healthcare development.

Serious games for rehabilitation: Walk the Ward
“Motivate patients to activity and movement during hospitalization.” The project has created an application which motivates the patient to be active and involved in his or her care. The application consists of a program on a tablet, as well as sensors and QR codes that are set in different locations in the care unit.

» Contact: Jeanette Eriksson

» Learn more about Walk the Ward (in Swedish)

IoT for dementia care: AppSam
“Professional and social support in dementia care.” The AppSam project has explored IoT concepts that can contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for elderly, relatives, and support health professionals.

» Contact: Jeanette Eriksson

» Learn more about AppSam

Datafication of Health: PhD project
PhD student Johan Salo examines how datafication is transforming healthcare. Topics include government health-technology policies, digital health infrastructures and applications, and self-tracking.

Who we are

Select list of publications

Eriksson, J., Russo, N.L., Marin, J, (2018). “Using the Internet of Things to Support Emotional Health,” EAI Endorsed Transactions on Ambient Systems, 17(5). [open access]

Russo, N.L. and Eriksson, J. “The Internet of Things and People in Healthcare,” in Internet of Things A to Z: Technologies and Applications, Wiley-IEEE Press (Q.F. Hassan, editor), 2018. [open access]

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Russo, N.L., Hermodsson, K., Olsson, C.M. “Personalising Applications to Influence Health-Related Behaviour: An Exploration of Differences in Motivation,” Proceedings of the UK Academy for Information Systems (UKAIS) 22nd Annual Conference, April 2017, Oxford, UK. [open access]

Eriksson, J. and Russo, N. L. “Beyond ‘Happy Apps’: Using the Internet of Things to Support Emotional Health,” Proceedings of the 3rd International EAI Conference on IoT Technologies for Healthcare, October 2016, Västerås, Sweden. [open access]

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The Smart Health group hosted the Universal Design for IOT Smart Health workshop at the ICTH 2017 conference.

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