Smart street lights save energy and increase traffic safety

What if every car, bike and pedestrian had their own sphere of light? Lights could be dimmed when nobody is around (saving energy) – lights could turn red when you are over the speed limit (increasing traffic safety).

Text: Jonas Löwgren

This demo, developed in the ECOS project, illustrates a scalable Internet of Things-style implementation where the lamp posts handle all the sensing and computation in a distributed fashion. The lamp posts are connected in a ring architecture and communicate only with their neighbors; there is no central server.

View demo in the video embedded below, or on Vimeo.

One interesting challenge in designing for the Internet of Things is emergent configurations, i.e., temporary assemblies of devices acting as a coherent system from the user’s point of view. The Smart Street Lights prototype demonstrated in the video is an example of such emergent configuration.

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