Social Log | Privacy Policy

Social Log requires access to the contact list on the phone, as well as the call history and text message history. This is used by Social Log to present statistics to the user of their social interaction through their phone and text use, such as who the user most frequently calls, how long calls are, and how many text messages are sent vs. received from different contacts. Through the anonymous data collected by Social Log, the Research Project can analyze interaction patterns that users show through their use of their smart phone. This may include e.g. to what extent users can be identified as social explorers or social keepers.

If you choose to participate in this research project by using Social Log, you commit to sharing your data with the Research Project. All collected data will have personal identification information removed before the Social Log data is sent to the Research Project. Location data is also collected by Social Log on a level that does not make specific addresses possible to identify. Collected data is stored by the Research Project on servers located on Ireland, which ensures that the data never leaves the EU.

The data is only intended for use that holds research purposes. It may be shared outside the Research Project once the data has been processed and passed the relevant peer-review procedure for scientific publication, as required by the publication outlet.

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