“Toward intelligent goods” — best dissertation 2015

A Malmö University prize for best dissertation 2015 was awarded to IOTAP researcher Åse Jevinger “for her significant contribution to a new and exciting interdisciplinary research area often referred to as Intelligent Goods”.

“It feels fantastic, I’m really thrilled”, says Åse Jevinger, who is awarded for the dissertation Toward intelligent goods: Characteristics, architectures and applications.

Intelligent goods is about making goods ”smarter”, such as making it able to store and process information. This makes it possible to better monitor and to improve the efficiency of transports. This could in turn lead to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Shelf life of refrigerated food products
After the defense, Åse Jevinger has continued to work in a project called DynahMat, which is about predicting the shelf life of refrigerated food products. She is also involved in the ”Tag On” project, which so far has been concerned with placing ”smart tags” on healthcare equipment in order to be able to locate it more easily. She currently focuses on other application areas of the technology.

“The question is how much intelligence you should put in the tags. You need to strike a balance between what you gain vs. the cost of putting it there”, says Åse Jevinger.

» Read the prize motivation (in Swedish)

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