Two open positions at IOTAP

One post-doc and one Ph.D. student position have been announced. The Ph.D. position is in Computer Science and focuses on the research area embedded intelligence. The post-doc position is in Interaction Design and focuses on the research area interaction technology. Both positions concern participation in projects of the IOTAP research center in collaboration with a number of industrial partners.

Last date for applications is January 15, 2016.

Post-doc – two years (Interaction Design; interaction technology)
This position concerns research on the design of tangible interaction and the design of products and services based on Internet of Things infrastructures. The general research methodology falls within design research, i.e., academic knowledge production including design practice.

» Full description for the post-doc position

Ph.D student – five years (Computer Science; embedded intelligence)
This position concerns mainly research in the area of embedded intelligence, in particular distributed artificial intelligence using agent technology and methods for adaptive and learning systems. The research will be carried out in application areas that are of interest for the industrial partners, such as energy, transportation, and building automation. 

» Full description for the Ph.D student position


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