To build support for the IoT ecosystem | Yuji Dong is new postdoc at IOTAP

Yuji Dong recently started as postdoc at IOTAP. To realize the full potential of IoT, he argues, we need to build infrastructural support particular for IoT applications.

Yuji, what is your research interest?

In general, my core interest is to provide the fundamental and infrastructural support to help to develop and maintain complex IoT applications; therefore to build the IoT ecosystem. For this purpose, I have a wide range of different research interests including Semantic Web, Software Architecture and Machine Learning.

Why is this research important?

Although we have talked about the IoT for decades, the real business based on IoT is still far from what we expected, especially if we compare it to the Internet. One reason is the lack of suitable fundamental and infrastructural support particular for IoT applications. If we can fully release the business potential of IoT, it can produce great economic growth with higher employment rate.

Which IOTAP projects will you be involved in?

I’m involved in a few projects including Context-Awareness in IoT Technologies and Emergent Configurations for IoT Systems. I have much experience that could help these projects, including the context-adaptation service-oriented paradigm, extended CoAP protocol to support context-adaptation, and Semantic-based Reputation Network. My background in different fields could also give some new ideas and solutions.

Why did you want to come to Malmö University?

I think the projects at IOTAP have a similar perspective as me – to see the future IoT – and I find many research similarities in the published papers. I feel the position fit me perfectly.

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